Farhaad Riyaz is a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon hailing from the Washington, DC area. He divides his time between clinical pursuits and emerging markets, supporting entrepreneurs as an advisor and investor. He is a supporter of decentralization.

Farhaad’s areas of proficiency include cutting-edge developments in distributed systems (web3, DeFi, and deeds stored on blockchain) and in medicine (telemedicine and artificial intelligence). His clinical work includes providing free dermatological care to at-risk, low-income populations, grassroots public health COVID testing and vaccination, and pro-bono medical exams for refugees seeking asylum in the United States.

Farhaad is a seed-stage investor in tech companies leveraging frontier technologies like cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. He is an active angel investor and cryptocurrency veteran. He has been involved with Bitcoin and Ethereum since 2014 and has lectured on blockchain applications at national and international conferences. His expertise in the world of artificial intelligence focuses on the early detection of skin cancer.

Captivated by the NFT boom of 2020 and 2021, Farhaad follows trends in NFTs, collecting blue-chip tokens and participating in decentralized autonomous organizations such as ConstitutionDAO, FreeRossDAO and SharkDAO. His portfolio can be found at the link below.

An avid cyclist, Farhaad pedaled across the continental United States in 2009 with the third annual Ride for World Health while raising money for beneficiaries in South America and Africa. He still enjoys endurance sports such as marathoning, century cycling and long-distance swimming.